NES Financial provides technology-enabled services for the efficient middle and back office administration of highly specialized financial transactions. Our custom solutions include EB-5 administration, 1031 exchanges, and fund administration services.

With overseas investors conducting due diligence and choosing to invest in projects that safeguard their money, EB-5 Regional Centers and developers who best meet this demand will find it easier when marketing their offering. And with competition for investors increasing every year, having a leg up on the competition never hurts. NES Financial Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution is domestically and internationally recognized as perfectly balancing the needs of investors with the specific needs of the project to provide the highest level of security, transparency, and compliance around.

NES Financial's leading Intelligent EB-5 Solutions have been used in over 300 EB-5 projects representing more than $12 billion in capital. This unique experience and expertise has allowed NES Financial to compile practices that EB-5 issuers should follow during the life cycle of their project to help achieve success, especially those that are new to the space.

Making the Complex Simple, Accurate, and Scalable

NES Financial solutions meet the challenges of today’s constantly changing markets, shifting regulatory requirements, and increasingly complex operational ecosystems. The company brings together specialized sector expertise, proprietary technology, and a group of financial administration professionals to tailor innovative solutions for clients. NES Financial has repeatedly been named one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., and clients include many of the world’s largest corporations, commercial real estate owners, developers, and major financial institutions.

Setting New Benchmarks for Security, Efficiency, and Regulatory Compliance

In today’s financial environment, the scale of fraud and abuse has reached levels never before seen. Simultaneously, regulatory non-compliance has resulted in some of the largest corporate fines in history. NES Financial believes that customers deserve a higher level of funds security, that financial processes and transactions should be more transparent, and complying with state and federal regulatory reporting requirements should be done automatically and efficiently.

NES Financial has developed proprietary technology, created rigorous business practices, and brought together industry-leading expertise and administrative capabilities. We then subject all we do to external scrutiny and audits to ensure that we deliver to the highest standard. As a result, through NES Financial, transactions can be executed more efficiently, with better precision, and considerably less risk of error or malfeasance.

Attorney Larry J. Behar was raised in Montreal, Canada. After securing an undergraduate degree from McGill University and a civil law degree from the University of Montreal, he completed his common law education at Nova Southeastern University and became member of Florida Bar in 1979. Since then, Behar Law Group has been located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The firm specializes in solving complex immigration issues. It typically generates business immigration solutions by representing entrepreneurs, investors, multinational companies, professionals and completes family reunification. To better understand the immigration process, Mr. Behar has created and published two books in multiple languages: “How to Immigrate to U.S.A.” and “EB-5 United States Immigration through Investment”. Furthermore, the Behar Law Group created two detailed websites to provide answers on the immigration and also available in 5 languages. Behar Law Group’s staff assists clients from all over the world by fluently communicating in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew and Russian.

Mr. Behar has been a valuable member of the international and local communities for over 38 years. Along with his wife Claire, Mr. Behar travels extensively throughout the world bringing international issues to the table. He has visited 41 Embassies & Consulates worldwide and visited China 8 times. He is on the board of numerous philanthropic and charitable organizations such as AILA in Washington, DC since 1982 and past chair of Greater Ft. Lauderdale Business Alliances.

Since the inception of the EB-5 Pilot program, the Behar Law Group has worked with more than 20 regional centers filing their applications with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and ultimately getting regional center designation approvals. Mr. Behar’s first case related to EB-5 program was filed in 1995 with outstanding success. With experience and knowledge, the EB-5 Dream Team of 30 experts was created. The Dream Team of specialists represent developers, regional centers, investors and banks directly linked to EB-5 process. Behar Law Group has a portfolio of numerous approved I-526, I-829 and I-924 cases. He is also a member of one of the most powerful EB-5 organizations, IIUSA.

Accordingly, Behar Law Group has developed niche expertise in this sub-sector and now represents a diverse range of regional centers that can be found across the country. Mr. Behar was selected as one of the Top 25 EB-5 Lawyer by EB-5 Investor Magazine in 2014 and proudly AV Preeminent rated by Martindale Hubbell.

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